An action is never stupid, but refraining to take one definitely is. That’s where we begin. We believe that whatever our mind imagines, it can be made real. After all, it was one of us who landed on the moon .

Who we are? A bunch of EXs.

Ex–MBAs, ex-finance professionals, ex-engineers, ex-architects, ex-sales persons, ex-accountants, ex-consultants and ex-fearful people flourishing in a creative habitat living a ‘lifetime’ in every moment.

50+ Awards

We raised the bar so high that we can’t afford to rest on our laurels. Our clients constantly push us to deliver beyond our comfort zone and we respond with a fearless attitude. Awards that we have won so far:

  • 43 Rx Club Awards – ’03 ’04 ’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10
  • Special mention at the 50th Cannes Festival 2003
  • Rajasthan Patrika Award winners – 2004
  • 2 Prestigious One Show Awards – 2004
  • 2 Global Awards at the New York Festival -2004


‘THIS’, is what we do

Playing safe is the only risk we don’t take. What else? We thrive on bringing you fresh ideas every time. Backed by a rich, growing experience, our fearless team is constantly evolving to bring you the best of us in:

advertising, branding, consulting, road shows, event management, space designs, films, short films, mobile apps, websites, social online reputation management, exhibitions, programs, magazines, corporate communication and much more.

‘COME WHAT MAY’, is the attitude we carry


Whatever the situation may ‘bee’, we aim for the honey! It’s all about precision when it comes to planning and managing projects to ensure that you get the ‘output’ without fearing the ‘challenges’. 25+ MNCs across IT, Healthcare, FMCG, BFSI and Service sectors experience a worry free delivery, ‘on time’ and more importantly, ‘as planned’.

Look at a our Case Studies
Broke 2 Guinness Records for clients’ integrated marketing campaigns

Delivered Forty Five 14K resolution films in 10 days, for an Award Ceremony in Dubai. Making us one of the select
digital companies to develop this kind of content.

Made a corporate motion film using 120,000 origami still images